Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I can't Live Without (allthetoppings)

The one thing I could not live without is denim! Jeans, jackets, shorts- its just so versatile! I love how it can pull an outfit together, make an outfit instantly casual or add a 'grunge' element to your stlye. I have to say I own quite a collection of denim pieces since its just so easy to wear and it works on most people and with most clothes. Distressed denim and button up shirts are just some of my collection. Of course I'm going to be carrying denim through to yet another season and layering shirts beneath jumpers. Nothing like a bit of denim, ay?

This weeks "I Cant Live Without!" was written by the cutest blogger we have EVER seen: Mai writer of All The Toppings, take a look at her wonderful blog...


Each week we ask a favorite fashion bloggers and writers to tell us what they - quite simply - Can't Live Without!
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