Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Can't Live Without! (Daisy Butter)

The most reached for items in my wardrobe are definitely my A-line, skater style skirts. I know that is a slight cheat here, but I have all manner of A-line skirts now, they're super versatile and flattering. I think they're really refreshing too after an overextended stay from the Herve Leger-inspired bodycon trend. Just as perfect with simple Tee, as with a little sheer blouse.

This weeks "I Cant Live Without!" was written by the lovely Michelle writer of Daisy Butter, take a look at her wonderful blog...

Each week we ask a favorite fashion bloggers and writers to tell us what they - quite simply - Can't Live Without!
If you are a blogger or a fashion LOVER and would like to tell us and our readers what you "Can't Live Without" please email Frankie at frankie@adrianne.co.uk and let her know your fashion thoughts!

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